May 7, 2020

USP students facing issues with lack of laptops, smart devices and internet

The USP Students’ Association says they are receiving information from USP students who are now studying online about lack of information and communication tools like laptops and smart devices.

Student Association’s President, Joseph Sua says students are also having internet issues during peak hours of the day and difficulties in accessing materials on e-learning platform due to data traffic.

Sua says students have appreciated the work by USP faculties and course coordinators in being flexible with deadlines and extending them on case by case basis accordingly.

Sua says that they are keeping an active tab on their social media pages/groups and emails in noting down concerns of the students.

The University of the South Pacific had said yesterday says it is conducting a survey among their students to see whether they have sufficient resources to access online materials.

Professor Ahluwalia had stated that from the initial set of data they have received, about 89% of their students have some electronic equipment or gadget such as Laptop/PC, Tablet or Smart Phone.

We have sent further questions to the USP.

When questioned if the USP Students’ Association has reached out to its members in Fiji to check whether they are facing major financial constraints and whether the association will be able to help them through welfare funds, Sua says the University is also being consulted on possible ways to assist students so that they can jointly provide assistance.

He says they have contacted their Branch Presidents in Labasa, Laucala and Lautoka campuses who are working on their possible scenarios and planning for welfare projects.

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