May 7, 2020

Rental assistance program to launch Monday

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) – As part of coronavirus funding, the state is planning to launch a rental assistance program on Monday.

“So, this program is to really meet the rental assistance needs of the people who will fall through the cracks of other social safety nets,” said Jonathan Hardy, Director of Housing and Community Development for Workforce Services.

The program was announced Wednesday during a Zoom webinar with the Utah Housing Coalition and its partners.

“We’re going to do some training we’re hoping on Friday with all of our grantees,” said Hardy. “So, on Monday we can have a launch on this program.”

Once launched, the way funds are distributed will depend on the grantees who oversee them.

According to Hardy, there are millions available.

“We have four buckets of money that’s really coming into play,” he said. “Either money that we currently have or money that’s coming to us via the CARES Act that’s going to help participate in rental assistance.”

The state already has a million dollars worth of home-funding in its bank account.

It also has another $3 million in an Emergency Solutions Grant that will shortly be activated throughout the state.

The funds are associated with the CARES Act which includes money to help lessen the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Because a lot of the CARES Act funds enhance unemployment benefits where we’re really trying to get people over to that side to cover their housing costs.”

Once connected, Hardy says replacement funds should be enough to help cover housing costs for those who qualify.

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