May 7, 2020

Plainview’s Danielle Nowell breaks pole vault record

Plainview star Danielle Nowell set the standard that has yet to be matched when she broke the state pole vault record at the 2010 state track meet.

She only stood 5′-2″, but she cleared 13 feet and one inch to win state and set the mark that still stands today. It is a record that is held over all classifications.

Nowell, who is now known as Danielle Wheat, even took the time to break away from the event to run her leg in the 400 relay during the state track meet.

She also won state as a freshman, but missed her sophomore year with an injury and her junior year with a scheduling conflict.

Danielle went on to a successful pole vaulting career at the University of Arkansas, where she jumped 14′-2″.

Football fans may also be familiar with her brother, Blake Nowell, who was a senior at Plainview this year and will play football at TCU.

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