May 6, 2020

Nebraska’s spring sports voices remain optimistic despite no games to call | Baseball

Rohr has found another positive. He and his wife have a young son who is just more than 1 year old. Suddenly road trips have been replaced with quality family time.

“That’s been the silver lining in all this,” Rohr said.

Both men are hoping for a return to sports sooner rather than later. Partly to be able to get back to work, partly to have a big part of their lives to look forward to again.

“If I had to peg it, I’d have to say at some point this summer we’ll get back to normal. That’s sort of what I’m dangling out there as a finish line for all this,” Rohr said. “Because I know in my head if it’s just indefinite — ‘Hey, it’s going to be a long, ling time before we have sports as we’ve known them come back’ — I don’t know how I would deal with that. That would hurt, and hurt a lot.”

While it remains to be seen just what college football will look like a few months from now, the chance to get back to Memorial Stadium has both men thinking positive.

“I’m a cockeyed optimist, so I’m still holding out hope that we’re going to have a college football season in the fall, and it’s going to be played in front of fans, and people are going to be able to come to tailgate and do all their normal stuff,” Sharpe said. 

“That may be a pipe dream at this point in time. But for now I’m going to hang on to that and hope that’s the way it plays out.”

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