May 7, 2020

Mohanlal’s daughter Vismaya tries hand at martial arts, netizens ask to learn from father

Actor Mohanlal has always swept his fans off their feet by achieving an impressive body transformation with each of his movie characters. In fact, his training sessions and workout routine includes high-intensity exercises.

He has been awarded an honorary black belt in Taekwondo by the Kerala Taekwondo Association. The actor has been a Kushti champion in the past.

Now, it looks like the daughter is also following the steps of her father. Recently, Mohanlal’s daughter Vismaya shared a video of trying a hand at a Thai martial art and netizens were impressed.

A few comments applauded her for her efforts and interest in different fields. Some even asked her to learn such things from her father.

‘Why learn it from this man while you have two experts at home?’, came one comment.

Interestingly, Vismaya’s brother Pranav Mohanlal is also a trained martial art and gymnastics expert. For his debut movie as hero ‘Aaadhi’, Pranav was into parkour and had displayed his stunt skills as well.

Meanwhile, Vismaya is all set to publish her first book. The book titled Grains of Stardust is her collection of poems and paintings.

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