May 7, 2020

Liam Payne is not chalking out on a One Direction reunion for 10th anniversary: It still seems very hopeful

Niall Horan broke hearts recently when he revealed that there were no One Direction reunion plans for their 10th anniversary, which is on July 23, 2020. However, Liam Payne is still hopeful that the boys will do something to commemorate the special day.

One Direction will soon be celebrating its 10th anniversary, as the boyband was first formed by Simon Cowell on The X Factor comprising of Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik on July 23, 2010. As the days get closer by, Directioners are craving for the members to have a reunion, even if it’s virtual. Liam had hearts racing when he revealed on several occasions that the boys were planning on something to celebrate 10 years since their debut.

However, Niall recently shut down the reunion rumours saying that there was nothing being planned. In a recent interview with People, Payne shared that he is still hopeful that the reunion will happen. “Obviously, we know it’s a very big anniversary and we definitely want to do something. I mean, it’s a tough one. I can’t promise any reunion plans because it just isn’t it right now. I always put it down to music language because everyone’s releasing at the moment with like two years worth of promo,” the 1D member confessed.

“But, you know, it still seems very hopeful in that department. I’m starting to think it’s gonna happen at some point. So it’s exciting,” the 26-year-old singer added.

Moreover, Liam shared that amid their quarantine period that members have been able to open up the channels of communication again as they haven’t spoken for a while. However, Payne also believes that after spending so much time together as a boyband, the distance was much needed to figure out themselves as individual people as they all know that they are in a band. Because they spent so much time together, the Midnight singer didn’t know where he fit by the time One Direction went on a hiatus which was kind of crazy.

“But it’s been nice. It’s been so lovely. And it’s just nice to see everyone turned out to be nice people, you know?,” Liam concluded to People.

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Speaking about Horan’s earlier quote to Cobra Puma Golf UK, during an Instagram Live, the Heartbreak Weather singer had shared, “I get asked this quite a lot lately. I’ve got a good answer coming here. No, there’s just a lot of talk about it at the moment cause there’s like a ten year, the ten year anniversary of the band getting together is happening this year.”

“There’s been a lot of talk about it but there’s no reunion as such. We’ve just been talking a bit more recently,” Niall added.

If the reunion were to happen, it’s highly unlikely that Zayn will be a part of the festivities, especially after how things turned out for the worse post his exit from the boyband. Talking about how One Direction’s music was never his vibe, Malik also had major beef with his ex-best friend Louis Tomlinson.

During a 2019 appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show, when Liam was asked if he thought the Pillowtalk singer would ever be a part of a One Direction reunion in the future, Payne honestly admitted, “When he left, it wasn’t on great terms so I don’t feel like it’s a thing. If he didn’t want to be here, he shouldn’t be here, which is fine. Like I say, good for him, he’s gone off and is doing his own thing and he’s doing really well so I don’t want to mess with his stuff. We did a whole stadium tour without him so I feel like it’s fine.”

Moreover, on the Killing It podcast, Liam shared how Malik likes to make music but doesn’t really perform. Hence, he had such performance anxiety during his 1D days that he couldn’t wrap his head around it. “I think he is just kind of happy. He likes going to the studio, making the songs, he just doesn’t want to do anything that happens after that. But he is streaming hugely,” Payne added.

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It will indeed be interesting to see what the boys have in store for Directioners if they were to have a mini-reunion. Will it be a sitdown interview like the cast of Friends have planned for their 25th anniversary or will it be the dropping of an unreleased One Direction track? Guess we will have to wait some more to find out!

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