May 7, 2020

Flytippers dump waste outside nursery with council tip down the road

This was the sight greeting staff who work at a nursery premises in Liverpool.

Lister Steps, based in Tuebrook, regularly finds waste dumped outside its premises – even though a council recycling centre is less than a mile away.

While general household waste is the most common, they have also had builders’ rubble and on one occasion the remains of a cannabis farm left outside the nursery.

Lister Steps nursery in Tuebrook has suffered from flytipping for many years

Long queues have formed outside Merseysider’s hosuehold waste recycling centres after they were re-opened to the public this week.

The charity’s CEO, Gaynor Williams, said: “We know everyone’s waited a long time for the tips to re-open – but somebody must have got fed up queuing so just went round the corner and dumped it.

“Because we are on a blind bend going up Carnegie Road, it happens at least once a week.

“Once it looked as if a van had driven the length of the road, pushing out rubbish as it went along.

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“It doesn’t send out a very good message to our children, who we are trying to teach how to care for the environment and be responsible.

“When we report it to the council, they get round as soon as possible and clear it up, but it means key workers are being diverted away from their essential duties to clear up after these selfish people.”

Lister Steps nursery has been operating from temporary accommodation, but later this year is due to move in to the Grade II-listed Old Library next door, following its refurbishment thanks to the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

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