May 7, 2020

Don’t have the equipment to workout at home? Tamannaah Bhatia’s fun video is all you need to watch

We have been reading this since our childhood that where there is a will, there is a way. This popular saying has especially become true during the lockdown. People are finding creative and innovative ways to keep themselves busy, fit and healthy. One of the best examples to prove this is Tamannaah Bhatia. In one of her recent Instagram videos, Tamannaah used a bucket along with several other household items to workout.

Tamannaah’s ‘fitness in a bucket’ workout

The actor instead of lifting weight chose to lift a bucket full of heavy fruits like watermelon musk melon and other heavy household items.

Why you should add weights

Adding weights to your workout is always a good idea as it increases the resistance and intensity of the workout. You can use anything from a bucket to a heavy bag or water cans. But maintaining a good posture is equally important with weights as wrong posture can lead to injury.

Tamannaah’s bucket workout exercises and their benefits

Bucket bent over rows:
This exercise works on your back muscles and improves your muscular strength and endurance. This, in turn, helps one maintain a toned physique. The exercise is a compound functional one, which works on your abs as well. But you have to be really careful about the position of your back so that your abs don’t get strained.

Bucket high pulls:
The exercise works on your shoulders and full body posture. It involves the body’s major muscle groups – glutes, hamstrings and back to stabilise movement. High pulls are the best solution for people who have a sitting job. Sitting all day can strain the deltoid muscles in the shoulders making them internally rotated and hunched.

Bucket front raises: The exercise works on the upper chest along with strengthening the shoulder’s deltoid muscles. The exercise is a good way to build strength in your shoulders.

Bucket swings:
This one is another good exercise for hunched back. It also works on your Santa paunch, helps you develop core strength and works on muscle imbalances like weak glutes.

Bucket squat to lunge:
This exercise is a total body workout. The thing to be kept in mind is the pace. One needs to pause in a position and master each motion before going to the next move.

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