May 7, 2020

Despite Challenges, Most Americans Like Working From Home | Smart Change: Personal Finance

Of course, not everyone is having the same experience. Some workers are finding that they miss leaving the house, hate feeling isolated, and are struggling to maintain productivity. And it stands to reason that the people who are having an easier time focusing and experiencing fewer distractions aren’t stuck working at home with young kids. But seeing as how a lot of people may be stuck working from home for quite a bit of time, it’s encouraging to learn that it’s been a reasonably positive experience across the board.

How to make working from home easier on yourself

Though 56% of Americans like working from home at least somewhat, 25% are not happy with that arrangement. If you’re in the latter camp, there may be a few things you can do to change your outlook.

First, if you’re doing OK financially, take the money you’d normally spend commuting and use some of it to make your life easier. Order in a couple of meals each week so you don’t have to spend the time cooking, or pay for some online content to keep your kids engaged when you need to be productive.

Next, set a schedule so you know when you’re supposed to be working and when you’re on parent or household maintenance duty. And, of course, schedule some downtime for yourself, too. The tricky thing about working from home is that you’re not packing up and leaving an office, so you may find it difficult to tear yourself away from your desk. But you need to do that for your own sanity.

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