May 7, 2020

Brydge Pro+ firmware updated improves iPadOS user experience



Brydge on Wednesday launched a new update to improve its Brydge Pro+ keyboard with trackpad that recently starting shipping for iPad Pro. AppleInsider goes hands-on with the latest firmware to see how Brydge’s improvements have strengthened the user experience of its flagship product.

The Brydge Connect Updater for Brydge Pro+

The Brydge Connect Updater for Brydge Pro+

Brydge Pro+ is a fantastic accessory for iPad Pro, and one that was conceived while cursor support on iOS was merely an accessibility feature. After Apple released a massive update for iPad users, cursor support became much more real and changed how Brydge and its trackpad worked on the tablet.

In some ways, iPadOS 13.4 made improvements to Brydge but it also caused some issues too. In our initial review, we loved the device overall but felt the cursor experience needed improved. At the time, Brydge told AppleInsider it was exploring the option of rolling out software updates and with the new release, and it appears the accessory maker was able to get one out the door quite swiftly.

Brydge says that this initial update includes improvements to both tracking as well as two-finger scrolling and adds support for a physical two-finger right click, which wasn’t available in the first version after Apple’s iPadOS update.

Installing the update is very easy and quick.

  • Download the free Brydge Connect app
  • Connect your Brydge Pro+ to your iPad Pro
  • Connect your Brydge Pro+ to power
  • Start the update process in the Brydge Connect app

Putting the Brydge Pro+ update to the test

At launch, Brydge supported two-finger right click, but it had to be enabled via a tap rather than by physically clicking the trackpad. After installing the update, the feature works as expected, letting you open contextual menus through iPadOS.

The update process for Brydge Pro+

The update process for Brydge Pro+

We also tested the two-finger scrolling experience through the operating system. Unfortunately, while improved, it is still not as smooth as it should be. It seems more responsive but still has scrolling issues.

This isn’t necessarily Brydge’s fault. It could be a limitation within iPadOS and how this Brydge keyboard is connecting. When you scroll, content is pushed far off the top or bottom of the display. Trying to scroll with two fingers between home screen pages is equally frustrating, jumping almost all the way to the first or last SpringBoard pages, depending on your scroll direction.

Again, it is an improvement but further work needs to be done.

Similar improvements apply to cursor control. It is still far from the responsive nature of Apple’s Magic Keyboard, but again, better than it was. It still can be frustrating at times but isn’t as laggy as it was when we first got the device.

Both of these changes are encouraging and we are certain we will see more to come as Brydge responds to the surprise release of iPadOS 13.4 that delivered cursor support to iPads across the board.

Until Brydge catches up with Apple, the Magic Keyboard is still the better buy — even if it does cost quite a bit more.

Where to buy

The Brydge Pro+ keyboard and trackpad will start shipping at the beginning of April and starts at $199 for the 11-inch version, while the 12.9-inch version goes up to $229.

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