May 7, 2020

17 Movie Theater Marquees That Are Hilarious, Inspiring, And A Little Heartbreaking

Going to the movies is the best, but — because of the coronavirus — movie theaters are presently closed.

Until it’s safe to reopen, many theaters have been putting up funny and inspirational messages on their marquees, and it’s a bit of fun/light we need right now:


This theater tweaked some classic movie titles:


Like this one I’d definitely watch:


And a couple more:

I love @TheParkwayMPLS Can’t wait time catch a movie and music there when they reopen. You should follow them and their wonderful marquee! #mpls


This theater is “showing” this almost Steven Spielberg movie:


And this theater is showing this almost Quentin Tarantino movie:


They’re also showing “Lord of the Couch and the Fellowship of Binging”:


This theater also got in on the act:


While this theater put up some very fitting real titles:


And this theater recommended a movie to stream:

Love this local theatre, which is using its marquee to comment on movies it’s not showing


This theater’s Back to the Future–inspired quote was shared by Michael J. Fox himself:


While this theater shared a very apropos quote from Return of the Jedi:

The marquee from my friendly local neighbourhood movie theater a couple of weeks ago #MayThe4thBeWithYou


This theater bluntly expressed the state of things:


This theater, meanwhile, posted inspirational movie quotes to help us get through this:


This theater reminded us of this sweet and emotional quote:


And this theater reminded everyone that, while theaters may be closed now, they will rise again:

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